First rough of new Spaceship scene #Blender

First rough of new Spaceship scene  #Blender
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Hi folks,

Just a quicky because I have to get myself and the family ready and run out soon.

It’s been a busy past few weeks (new job, end-of-year obligations, family etc) and I”ve hardly managed to make it to the PC.  Yesterday I did and so decided to use some of the new things I’ve learned in Blender this year to have another attempt at a space scene. The featured image above is the first rough that I created in Blender (so absolutely no post-processing in Photoshop or anything, albeit I did the original object textures in Photoshop before rendering). I let it render overnight (took about 7 hours).

Here are my thoughts on it.

I won’t get another chance to work on it till Thursday (in all likelihood). Do you agree with my criticisms and thoughts? All and any suggestions welcome.

Here’s a screeny of my Blender scene set-up if you are interested. Note the particle generator for the nebula. I used a fire setting.

In respect to writing, I’ve sent off a few more short stories to magazines and am awaiting responses. These mainly have to do with identity and artificial intelligence.

OK – got to run off to make breakfast for my wife and daughter, then have a shower and leave. Have a good day all and thanks for reading.




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  1. I love the direction this illustration is going. I think all of your suggestions could help. The only one I’m not entirely certain about is muting the ship colors by 10%. One thing I find striking is the ship’s bright coloration. It’s a nice feature. I’d say try muting, but if it looks too dull don’t be afraid to brighten it back to the original level.


    1. Thanks, David. Certainly a few of you seem to love the color of the ship, so it remains. I really value the feedback. :) I will try to get the final product out to everyone in the next few hours. :)


  2. To answer your questions – yes, the center of the sun should be whiter. Don’t know about the color of the ship. Yes the starfield should be less uniform. No on the exhaust plume. I’m looking forward to finding out what an array greeble is…..


    1. Thanks, Jeni :) A greeble is little bits added to a machine or vehicle in science fiction pictures to make them seem more… um… fantastical. Think of all the bits and pieces covering the Deathstar in Star Wars. So I’ve added a few antennae type things and so on.

      I have made the sun whiter as per your suggestion :)

      I have kept the color of the ship :)

      After some experimentation, I ended up leaving the star field uniform but with less stars.

      Also after some experimentation, I added a small exhaust plume.

      Thanks for the feedback. I hope you liket he final output. :)


  3. Glad to see that you’re fitting in some Blender time Greg. I’m spending less and less time on Daz and more and more on recording, re-recording and mixing at the moment.


    1. I get about half a day a weekend to work on Blender. But it is fun :) I’m looking forward to your output. After I respond to all my comments, I’ll go check your page out. Unfortunately, your page is one of the sites that my WordPress reader seems not to keep in up-to-date with unless I go check.


    1. I tossed up the idea and decided to draw the components closer together. Thanks for the input, though. I really welcome ideas and comments :)


  4. Impressive picture you have created and a big congratulation on your new job


    1. Thank you, Maria – both in respects tot he picture and the new job. I’m really enjoying the job – so fingers crossed that I pass the 6 months probation :)


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