More of the door #Blender

More of the door   #Blender
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Hi folks,

I was unable to do much door work this week until today. Mostly I worked on the door itself. This meant painting the actual door texture based loosely on the reference picture. So here is the reference picture:

And here is the texture I painted in Photoshop:

I tried to make it look “used” and also admit to tracing a little bit :)

I then turned it into a normal map:

Finally, I was unhappy with the fireflies that kept appearing when I rendered. I did some research and found that a larger light-source fixes the problem. So the new improved render looks like this:


I may take a bit of a break from the door for a little while now and come back to it sometime in the new year. I have a bit of a yearning to do some more arty stuff.

WordPress for Android issues

As an aside, I’ve been having issues with my WordPress reader on my android phone. For several (though not all) of your sites I cannot either like or post comments against your posts. For some sites I can only click the like. Then for other sites I am free to like and comment as much as I want. I know not why this strange discrimination, but given the fact I now rarely turn on my PC except for a weekend, it is proving very frustrating.  I’m also not seeing all of your stories as they are posted and have to go looking for them (David and Dale, you seem to be in this group for me, and yet I am following you guys – strange).

Anyone experiencing similar? (David, I know from a previous exchange that you have difficulty posting on my site using your tablet).

Wishing you all well and thanks for reading.




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  1. I’ve swapped from my iMac to an old Windows 7 machine for a while, to work on my old music files. as a result, I’ve been locked out from my WP account. All sorted now though. I’m grateful that you visit the blog at all. The Art Deco door is looking good. I’m looking forward to seeing it completed and seeing your arty stuff. Just in case either of us has WP problems again… Merry Christmas Greg.


  2. I can not post comments using chrome as a browser – it wont connect to WP. but if I click through from inside wordpress reader on chrome I can comment. Firefox give me other options on some sites that do not appear in chrome, on windows 10. I will try using linux at some point. On Android, I find the screen too small. I generally swap around till something works.


  3. I’ve noticed your comments seem to close quickly – but I think that is a straight timing thing. I don’t wp on my droid, only the laptop. Probably I miss your posts due to time zones and have to go looking for you so that’s why you see that I ‘ignore’ you for two months then like everything in an hour.


  4. I’ve long noticed the android app being weird in terms of where it wants to comment and where it won’t even like. The weirdest thing, these “selections” tend to fluctuate… and I only interact with those blogs that I follow, and most of them even follow me in return!


    1. Indeed, the android app is frustrating.


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