Farewell 2017, Welcome 2018

Farewell 2017, Welcome 2018

Firstly I would like to wish all my regular readers a Happy 2018. Your loyalty in visiting me has greatly brightened each day. This post is a bit of a retrospective finishing with a list of goals. In other words, expect me to be totally self-absorbed, so flee while you can.

Okay, for those of you foolish enough to continue reading, here goes…

The past two years were mostly awful as I struggled with failing vision, operations, and unemployment  All this said, 2017 ended on a high with

  1. my eyesight having been restored to a solid mostly-usable state; and
  2. finding a job just before (most likely) being forced to sell my house.


My creative achievements over 2017 include:

Life lessons learned:

  • Persist in all things
  • Laugh whenever possible
  • Be kind to others
  • Avoid toxic people (unfortunately, this self-preservation sometimes comes into conflict with being kind)
  • Don’t stand still

2018 comes with its own challenges. Primary among these is the fact that I am 53 and don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. As I ponder that question, I intend to strive with my art, writing and singing.

My 2018 creative goals are:


  • master hair in Blender (and DAZ)
  • make some costumes for Genesis models
  • make some nice 3D models/artifacts
  • learn Hexagon
  • paint at least 2 oil paintings


  • have 6 short stories published


  • Learn 6 1980s songs well enough to perform

On a more personal note, I intend to strive to be a better father. Rhiannon has reached her teens and “the teenager transformation” is happening as surely as in any classic werewolf film. I feel a sense of loss, as well as frustration and despair at some of her choices. This said, other aspects of her are really shining. Hopefully, I can learn to guide her without alienating her.

So thanks everyone for reading.

I genuinely do wish you all well in 2018. I also hope that my blogging pals among you keep blogging. I love your posts, and while sometimes all I do to demonstrate it is click “Like”, please don’t imagine that I don’t.

Best wishes

Greg (aka SoulThief)



    1. Thanks David. I’m about halfway through the book now. It certainly keeps surprising me (in a good way). Expect a review in a week or so. :)


  1. Good luck with your goals in 2018 Greg. I’m about to mothball my WP and Twitter accounts for a short time while I sort some things out. Will keep checking your pages via email notifications.


    1. Thanks Dale. You have a good 2018 and keep in touch :)


  2. Happy New Year, Greg! Thank you for being here even despite all those problems you went through. Hope your perseverance helps you complete your goals (including the “more personal” one), and then some!


    1. Thanks. :) You too. :) I feel positive.


    1. And you too :)


  3. Nice article Greg. I like your list of objectives. As the father of a now 20+ year old daughter I wish you luck and tolerance over the next few years


    1. Thanks Neil :) Luck and tolerance – yep – need both of those :)


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