Making a simple hair transparent texture #Photoshop #GIMP #Paint.NET

Making a simple hair transparent texture #Photoshop #GIMP #Paint.NET
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Hi folks,

This post will be very similar to my post about making an opacity map. So if you have read that post then you only need to skim this for salient differences. Just to make it slightly different I have also added an incredibly small flaw into the hair by way of a slight wave. I did this because nothing is truly straight in nature.

So our goal is to create a texture that already has some transparency in it. Hence no need for opacity maps.

I might also add, make sure that you save a copy of your texture before you start work on it. Don’t want to wreck your only copy, do you?


I tend to just create a new layer mask on my existing Hair Texture psd file. I am going to paint black onto that layer mask and it will make the texture transparent.

I then choose a big rough brush. Here is the one that I used in this case, but anything rough should do.

So I painted the black onto the mask and voila!

Then we use motion blur, at angle 90. Note the short distance used in this case. I came to that figure by experimentation. I suggest that you experiment too in order to find what meets your needs.

Finally, under Filters -> Distort I select and apply a slight zig-zag. Just to addd that bit of imperfection.

All done. Feel free to tidy up the bottom if it is too messy.


In GIMP I was lazier. I used the eraser tool on the texture to reveal the transparency.

Add some motion blur as per my previous tutorials.

I then used the Rippled tool in the Filters -> Distorts menu to add some imperfection.

And all done.




Essentially this is the same as GIMP. Open the texture, erase bits at the bottom

Add a motion blur as per previous tutorials. Then add some dents. I chose different parts of the texture to add dents rather than the entire texture.

And all done.


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  1. You are way ahead of me, that’s for sure. I’m no good with computer programs and I can’t sing a note. Go to the top of the class Greg.


    1. Thanks mate :) I just do what I like, as do you. To be honest I am in awe of most other people on WordPress. Everyone seems so much more talented and accomplished than myself. :)


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