Sorry, won’t be writing many articles on my blog for a month or so

Sorry, won't be writing many articles on my blog for a month or so

Hi all,

(this is a bit of a feeling-sorry-for-myself post)

Some of you may have noticed my absence recently. Some of this has to do with work obligations and some with the rapid decline of a family member.

As any regular readers will know I secured myself a job in November following two years of unemployment. I’m enjoying it thoroughly. The downside is that it takes me 95 minutes to get to work of a morning and about the same to get home. It is also longer hours than previous jobs. Given my Keratoconus, I come home tired with very sore eyes, making sitting at a computer more or less impossible. Work also wants me to develop a new system for them and this requires learning a new programming language. So I need to do that probably on work time and my own time on weekends. Hence even just normally I would be absent a bit.

Secondly, I am devastated that my mother-in-law, Pam, has asbestos-related lung cancer. Pam was diagnosed around the same time that I got my new job and her decline has been rapid. The last few months have been appalling (as you can imagine). Given that I am one of those lucky people with a really nice mother-in-law, I feel the oncoming loss quite heavily as does the rest of my family.  I know that my wife Nicole is really struggling. My daughter Rhiannon (only 13) is being a real pillar of strength for Nicole despite her own grief. I am proud of her. If you are religiously inclined (don’t mind the flavor) then prayers would be appreciated.

Thirdly, as you may also be aware I volunteer as the promotions officer for Education in Dance and Theatre Arts. Now, when I can least manage it, they want me to take all their syllabus videos and make promotional extracts from them. I wish that they had asked me to do that when I had hours and hours of free time during my unemployment. However, duty is duty.

In respect to my tutorials on the Blender hair, I am going to have to put that project aside for a couple of months. But I will get back to it because it is something I really want to do.

In respect to singing… David, I have started practicing “Learning to Fly”. Jeni – “Hallelujah” seems like a great fit and I am also working on it. Singing is easier for me to do on a weeknight when I get home because it doesn’t require me using my eyes.

My writing has also stalled. Same reason – eyes too tired when I get home and little time of a weekend. I am going to have to work out how I can address this.

Anyway, wy whinge-fest is over.

Look after yourselves and I will try to visit your blogs when my eyes are not weary.







  1. So sorry to hear about your mother-in-law. It makes for difficult times, indeed. Keeping you and your family in my thoughts, Greg. In the meantime, I hope the singing helps to keep your spirits up.


  2. Very sorry to hear such sad news Greg. I’m not religious in any flavour but you’ll all be in my thoughts. Look forward to hearing from you when you’re able. Bendith.


  3. I know your pain my father in law passed a few months ago, my wife cried for weeks and still does most days. Hard times ahead. Real life needs all your time for now. My thoughts go with you and you family.


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