A quick catch-up with my friends and followers

A quick catch-up with my friends and followers

Hi all,

I hope that you are all well. For me, the past several months have been emotional and full.

In my last post, I mentioned that my mother-in-law was passing. She has now departed this life. It was as distressing as you would expect. Pam had very much been the centre of our extended family. Anyway, I won’t say much other than to say that she will be sorely missed.

I have also passed my six-month probationary period in my current job. During that time I have undertaken several training courses, worked my butt off and have managed to achieve a temporary higher duties allowance. The down-side of that is coming home completely exhausted and having no energy or time for creativity. On the bright side, I am learning C# as part of my job. A little investigation has shown that C# can be used for scripting with the Unity engine. In the past, I had played around with the Unreal engine and C++, so I guess once I get C# under my belt I can expand my horizons.

All this said I have come to the conclusion that in order to have the energy to be creative, I need to improve my stamina. Given that besides the tiredness caused by being mildly vision impaired but performing a vision intensive job, I am also obese, am pre-diabetic and have sleep apnea – yep, a few things to work on – improving my stamina will be a task and a half.

Anyway, to resolve at least the obesity/pre-diabetes/sleep apnea trinity I am going to have to lose weight. I currently weight about 150kg. Again, most people who know me IRL will scoff as they have heard me say this before (alas, too many times). I will just have to persist. Otherwise, I will never have the energy to follow my creative dreams.

I also need to get back to my reading (again, been too weary). I have two of David’s books on my list to read. I also need to get back to reading all your blogs.

Anyway, please look after yourselves and hope to see you all around soon. :)





  1. So good to hear from you, Greg. Sorry to hear about the passing of your mother-in-law. That’s very sad news. I am delighted to hear the job is going well and wish you all the best in the quest for more stamina. Speaking for myself, I know I’m at my best when I eat healthily and make a little time for some exercise in a day — even if it’s just a walk around the neighborhood.


  2. I used an excercise bike sat in front of my television. slowly building up the time spent until is was doing 30 minutes a day, whilst all the time watching the tv. I lost 3 stone – 54lb – 24kg in 3 months, I also got divorced at the time LOL. So you can lose wieght whilst upset and stressed. Why not set up a cheap bike and read whilst on it. I chose cycling as its low impact on your joints.
    You will lose the weight you will keep the job and you will learn c# . you will sleep better when your thinnner. you will prove all the scoffers wrong.

    I had a goal in mind – it was to rebuild my life, and i did it. I helped myself.

    you will do it and you will feel AWSOME.

    out of pain and sufering a new stronger Greg will arise.


  3. Sorry about your mother-in-law, Greg. :(
    Every country seems to have vastly different healthcare standards, so I don’t know if you’ve ever had your thyroid hormone level tested – but you may have heard that often if someone is overweight and it won’t go away after repeated attempts, then the problem is that those hormones are too low. Might be worth looking into if you haven’t yet!


  4. Sorry for your loss Greg
    I have started exercising myself so good luck to you


  5. I wish you all the best on fighting this good fight. You will succeed because you dare to speak about it and The Lord Himself will support you to get rid of the hindrances ( fear, habits or other things)


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