September 2018 catch-up

September 2018 catch-up

Hi folks,

It’s been a while.

The last six months have been an emotional journey, but I seem to be slowly arising from the troughs.

I’m still enjoying my “new” job. It’s been nine months now since I started. My current employer is much better than my previous one and has provided me with everything I need to succeed in spite of my poor eyesight. So I now have four monitors. One is a giant 34″, two 24″ and a slightly smaller 22″.  Mostly I program through the days using C#. This leaves my eyes too tired to read, so I haven’t read a book since March (probably the longest I’ve gone without reading since I started school in 1970!). I doesn’t also help that I’ve had several sutures in my eyes rupture over that time.

My weight has seen also ups and down. At first I was doing about 90 minutes of walking a day, but I found that this made me so hungry that I would continuously snack on sugary things to keep my energy levels up at work. Now I have reduced my walking to about 50 minutes and have found that I can control the urge to eat sugary snacks.

In respect to this blog, I obviously find little time for my long term interests. So I have decided to write more about computer programming. I know that this will be sad news to you, but I still have the urge to write and computer programming fills my life, so it seems the best compromise. With time I do hope to return to writing on art and graphics etc. This said, I may write thoughts on TV shows and films. I find that when I am home, resting my eyes, I tend to listen to shows and films a lot, occasionally watching them through slitted eyes.

Anyway, hope you are all well,



PS: I set the story image as a door, because I see myself as stepping through into a new period in my life.