Old WordPress posts I still want to display

Old WordPress posts I still want to display

One thing that has bugged me for a while is that a lot of my old digital art posts on this blog essentially lose visibility after a matter of months. I still feel that they have something to offer, but once they drift past the 20 or so posts displayed on blog feed they are not seen and a user must search for them. However the user has to know they are there in order to decide to search for them.

Anyway, my first attempt at resolving this was to reorganise my home page in a magazine format. Then apply categories to different sections of the page. Here is the design.

Note the use of TG Two Column Feature post widgets. So here is the top close up.

The result (truncated):

I then made each picture a clickable link to a blog post page of only that category. However I had severely underestimated the numbers of some categories of posts – namely the digital art ones. So once more I had many, many posts not on display.

Solution: create a specific digital art page where everything is ordered like the table of contents of a delicious magazine or coffee table book. Cluster similar stories.

And so:

I accomplished this through dividing my row into two columns and adding an image widget at the top of the row and a List Category Post widget underneath it. I also created new categories that held each post I wanted in that collection.

Suddenly all my old posts are easily noticed and viewed. No more sad forgotten unread posts. Yay!

Thanks for reading.