Three years later – changing my spaceship lighting

Three years later - changing my spaceship lighting

Three years drifted by. I was dissatisfied with that last image.

Then I read a post on a fine blog called “This Northern Boy.” It was a thought-provoking piece on digital art and how this particular artist compensates for what he feels is his average modelling skills. The author, Alastair Temple, said “I hide the lack of details, and hint at them rather than showing the.” He went on to detail how.

It inspired me.

It really inspired me.

So I went back to that image I did not like and I thought “How can I use some of the things that Alastair Temple mentions?”


So I moved my lights to strike only the top of my spaceship.

I also slightly moved my camera so as to be more behind the spaceship. This presented less of the lit parts to the viewer.

And I turned off the particle system because I was not overly happy how that presented.

Suddenly the entire image became darker.Grittier.

Once rendered I did a tiny bit of post work in Photoshop. I took one of NASA’s freely usable star-field shots and made it translucent over my existing Blender star-field. I also painted a white blob over the orange/yellow exhaust.


Yes, I prefer this image. No, I have not reached anywhere near a professional level yet in my skills, but I can see improvement. And that makes me happy.

Thanks for reading.



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  1. Looks a lot nicer. Im always revisiting my old work and trying newly learned things.


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