June 2020

Blender: An easy underwater / above water 3D cut-away approach

This is basically a “how I did it” post about Blender. In it I only cover the sea creation aspect, not the terrain aspect which can be found in hundreds of places online. You see, my goal was to try to create one of those shots where part of the picture is above the water and part is below. I figured that, just like terrains, there would be hundreds of

Review: "The Solar Sea" by David Lee Summers

Introduction Whales, solar sail driven space craft and mysterious particles located near Saturn. I really am not sure what the book’s blurb is promising me, but it certainly does not sound run of the mill. I have read four of David Lee Summers’ novels: two vampire stories, a horror tale set in an observatory and a steam punk western. All were entertaining and slightly unusual. David is not a conventional

Review: "Learning Microsoft Power BI Desktop" LinkedIn Learning Course

Perhaps, like me, you are an information worker and have been seeing references to Power BI turning up in articles, conversations and job ads. You wonder “what is this Power BI that they speak of?”  Well, this course at LinkedIn Learning will give you the good oil. The BI referred to is Business Intelligence. To borrow from Wikipedia “BI technologies provide historical, current, and predictive views of business operations. Common

Interview: L K Weir - author of "Prism City"

Life is funny. Full of the unexpected. Somehow, while trundling along in my own little world on social media (in this case Twitter) I stumbled across an author named L K Weir who was describing her freshly released novel. I cannot remember the exact words that she used, but I do recall it being something like “science fiction noir”.  Well, I had to give this novel of hers a go.