My first personal project in Unity #Unity3D

My first personal project in Unity  #Unity3D
  • My first personal project in Unity #Unity3D

For those of you who are unaware (i.e. you only follow me on my rare blog posts but not on Twitter), I’ve recently started a Unity programming course on UnityLearn called the Junior Programmer pathway.

I’m totally loving it. Given the fact I’m 57, part of my preparation for retirement in a decade’s time includes a portfolio of minor income-earning activities such as writing for magazines and anthologies, 3D asset creation, and game programming. So this course contributes to the latter.

The language used is C#. This is one of the reasons I picked Unity over Unreal. I’ve been using C# at work for about 4 years whereas Unreal uses C++ with which I have only limited experience.

The develoment environment is Unity’s editor plus Visual Studio for the C# scripts.

Anyway, part of the course is the development of my own game. I’ve decided to create an upward scrolling space game. Sure, not a particularly thrilling thing, but I figure that it is within my ability to achieve and a good starting point before moving into first person shooters which are my gaming love. Within this first project I hope that I can combine my programming skills with my 3D graphics skills.

The course includes professional skills that revolve around planning and project management and these assist with the development of the game. An example is the Project Design Document show below:

Finally, the other thing that I enjoy about the course is the progress chart. It keeps me inspired.

I will try to get my act together and post my progress with this course on my blog. In fact, just generally I will try to post mro on my blog. I shall also start checking out how may of my WordPress mates have Twitter so I can follow on both.