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Friends, natural beauty and slavery

After a few days with my computer in a workshop being upgraded (the SSD was full and the thing was no longer working properly), I sigh a big sigh of relief and can make a post. Unfortunately I cannot meet a promise of showing a comparison video between Blender in cycles and Blender in Luxrender. That may have to wait a week. :(  So instead I will talk about something

3 versions of my Great Grandfather Curling & some thoughts on my novel(s)

Today I will ramble on about two things. The first is the restoration and colouring of an old photo. The second is my current thoughts on my writings (novels, novellas, short stories). The old photo As some of you may remember I started work on restoring and colouring a pre-1890 photo of my great grandfather William Clark Curling (of Hernhill, Kent).  Here is the original photo: So I played around

Vivid - Sydney's Festival of Lights photographed with Camera FV-5 app

My wife really wanted to take my daughter into the city and show her Vivid – that’s the name given to Sydney’s Festival of Lights. I joined in after work, taking with me my Samsung Galaxy S5 with the app called “Camera FV-5”. Thought I might put the latter through its paces at night. The evening was exactly as I expected – lots of crowds and jostling and stumbling intermixed with