Blender Space Ship 1

Some minor improvements to the spaceship

Hi all, Very tired, so I will be brief (LOL at me being brief!). I’ve revisited the spaceship and decided to stretch it out, add some misty type stuff, and also add a character so that the picture has some form of story going on. This is the result. While I cannot say that I am happy with it, I feel that it is an improvement over the earlier version.

Disappointed with spaceship progress

I simply don’t like the spaceship piece that I am developing. It does not meet with my initial expectations. Here it is so far: I am currently contemplating some wisps or tendrils of space gases floating around it. Not sure. Just don’t like it and am feeling very disappointed. This said, I have learnt an awful lot. Maybe my next craft will be better. Thanks for reading. Greg 0

Whose space ship decoration style am I trying to imitate?

        Spent two hours today slowly… ever so slowly… decorating my spaceship. Have not got too far, but wondered how many of you out there can guess the artist who is my source of inspiration for this work. As a clue, he’s a spaceship artist whose work has covered several science fiction books over several decades. He has a fairly unique style in my opinion – one that

Progress on space ship

Well, this is how far I got in Blender before feeling my comfort zone too restrictive: So then I exported the model as an obj file and imported  into Photoshop CC to paint it: Once I had done this I started work on a background: Then I want to go back and do more painting on the ship. A lot more. Thanks for reading :) Greg 0