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Blender: An easy underwater / above water 3D cut-away approach

This is basically a “how I did it” post about Blender. In it I only cover the sea creation aspect, not the terrain aspect which can be found in hundreds of places online. You see, my goal was to try to create one of those shots where part of the picture is above the water and part is below. I figured that, just like terrains, there would be hundreds of

"Fairy and Demon" made with DAZ Studio and Photoshop

My twelve year old daughter is trying to write her own fantasy novel So she came to me to design some artwork for its cover. “What do you want on the cover?” I asked. “A fairy fighting a demon in front of Sparkle City.” “What does the fairy look like?” She pondered for a while. “Fairy wings, blue clothes and blond hair.” “The demon?” “Um… leathery wings and black clothes.”

"Trouble in Elfland" created with DAZ Studio

Hi all, spent much of last week writing my textbook. But on Saturday started experimenting with Collision detection and character morphing in DAZ Studio. I had no intention of actually making a publishable picture, but somehow got pulled in to doing so. Ended up taking the entire weekend, most of which was fiddling with light sources (believe it or not – my original purpose having been satisfied within the hour). Here is the

"Encounter" created with DAZ Studio and Photoshop

Art is an intensely personal thing. Artists across several mediums abound among my WordPress pals, and each of us has our own flavour. For me this is something that makes our community so precious to me. I do my best to learn from you all. Today I give a bit back. This post is about my latest digital art with a focus on my design and thought process together with

"Seduction" created with DAZ Studio

Hi, This is a new picture that I have created with DAZ Studio. I call it Seduction. It came about accidentally. I was actually just playing with having multiple different coloured spotlights hitting different figures (so each figure here has about three lights hitting it) and then playing with the specularity of the figures. You see, the impact of light and shadow upon objects fascinates me. I had very few

Tears of a blue priestess

The current short story upon which I work features blue priestesses who tell fortunes using cups filled with tears of blood. So I wanted to make a picture of such a priestess. I envisioned a close up of her face with the blood tears flowing. The first step was putting the basic scene of the head together in DAZ Studio. As my renderer for DAZ Studio (and Blender for that