Digital Blender Lighthouse

Step 5: Exporting ocean to OBJ and importing to DAZ studio

Just a shorty of a post in response to an idea proposed by Mustakettu85. I exported the ocean plane and its material from Blender as an OBJ and imported into DAZ Studio. I got the above grey moonscape. I played around briefly but as dinner was rapidly approaching and my wife expects something called companionship from me, I decided to throw a brief skybox around the ocean and give it a light

Step 4: Adding foam and a rotating light to my lighthouse

  Ok folks, I am becoming more in tune with Blender. It is complex, the interface is terrible… but man can I do things with it :) Today I will show you how I: added foam (simple), added a ray of light coming from the lighthouse lamp (annoying) made the light rotate (dammit!) Foam: Foam is simply a variable on the ocean modifier that I used on the plane. Yep

Step 3: Adding rocks and sky

(For the review of Abraham Lincoln – Vampire Hunter just scroll down) As you can see, progress continues on this project. I am beginning to wonder whether I am being overly ambitious, but what the hey…  :) OK – you may recall that yesterday I had strived against Blender to create a rough grey animation of waves around a lighthouse. I decided that today I wanted to achieve the following: a

Step 2: Joining pieces and adding ocean

Today’s post, as suggested by the title, is about using Blender to make a lighthouse scene. Well, I persisted (mostly) – as much as I got really, really, really frustrated at times with the Blender interface. This said, I am beginning to feel the power of this application. Once I made the column of the lighthouse and the underside of the lamp in Blender (see last post), I did cheat

Step 1: The basic lighthouse shape

Hi all, today I just intend to give you a brief description of my next attempt at making something in Blender. I decided to tackle Blender once more after my less than satisfactory spaceship. My long term plan is to create a lighthouse scene. I’m thinking a tall and skinny lighthouse, a stormy night, dangerous rocks, huge waves, a ship or two. To make the actual lighthouse body, I started