Digital Spaceship Crash

3. Adding a gas giant planet with Photoshop

Hi all, just about to run off to work, but thought that I would share my progress from last night’s work on the desert scene. I’ve added a large but faint blue gas giant in the sky, a crashed spaceship and some smoke. I’m still uncertain about that smoke. I’m thinking about adding some footprints in the sand and maybe some stars in the part of the sky not obscured

2. Starting work on "Desert crash"

Today’s topics are the man in desert scene that I said that I would commence, and feedback from the Monsters anthology publishers (perhaps my post title is a spoiler). Desert My plan went like this: Make a desert landscape in Bryce (because I already own it) and export that to the Unreal Engine. In the Unreal Engine create some totally awesome materials and paint them on the desert. Create a

Next art work "Desert Crash" plus some thoughts on my writing

Hi all, today I will submit a progress report on my writing and also my plans for my next work of art. My next art work I feel that I now have a very simplistic understanding of the Unreal Engine. So nothing is stopping me from having a go at my first work of art in it :) I envision a few scenes, but am not sure which I will