Multiplayer games: is it comeback time?

If you have read any of my unfinished gamer history on this site you will know that from the late 1990s to about 2012(?) I was a passionate multiplayer gamer. I used the handle/alias SoulThief from 2000 onwards, to the point that for a while I even had a company by that name. However the joy was slowly being sucked from my passion. Online gaming increasingly became full of fools

How computer games improved my team work

Hi all, As I prepare to leave my workplace, so I find myself going through the files on my work computer. Some I place on our document management system so that those that come after me will have some idea of the work that I have done. Others I delete as nothing more than working papers. Then there are things like that I found today: a speech. For a short while

Gaming nostalgia, plans for story related digital art & The X Files

Nothing deep in today’s post, just odds and sods of my daily existence. Gaming nostalgia Tonight I added some more information to my personal gamer history section of this website. It made me somewhat nostalgic. The years 2001 and 2002 were very dynamic for me. My friend notTricky had created his own game network and I was part of it. My clan WAR was flourishing. Then Valve created Halflife TV