My eye disorder and my thoughts upon it

Personal update (keratoconus, work, performance, writing, art)

Hi folks, Thought that I would give you all an update. I’ll divide it up into themes :) Health Currently recovering from a rejection of my cornea graft. Two weeks ago I was at a point where my eye was red and so swollen that it was permanently shut. A whole lot of medication later and it is almost back to normal. Having to drop antibiotics into it every hour. What a

The slow journey back

Hi folks, Yes, the stranger is slowly returning. As I’ve mentioned before, I have been resting the eyes a fair bit and mostly focusing my creativity around music and singing. I’ve also been job hunting. When not doing these I have been catching up on television. But I might talk about this latter in another post. So where am I at? My eye recovery has been slow but steady. My most

Recent months away from the PC

Hi folks, I find myself at the PC today, so I thought that I may drop in and say hello. I’ve been avoiding the PC for a couple of months. It all started after a visit to my eye surgeon in July. Once again he refused to remove any stitches. Once again my eyes seemed to show only the smallest amount of progress. They are just not settling down, he

Modelling a simple X-Ray machine in Blender

Hi all, as you know I am recovering from a cornea graft (transplant) as a result of Keratoconus. The pain is gone (albeit still sore from time to time, but I don’t consider that pain). My good(LOL) eye loses focus frequently (as it has done for a couple of years now). My operated-upon eye is still blurry but so much better than before the op. Nevertheless I have an obligation to meet.

Struggling back - insights of self

Hi folks, Today’s post is very introspective. Sorry.  It’s more a cathartic output for myself than a post for others. Once upon a time I leapt of a cliff into deep water. I did so to prove to myself that I can overcome fear – in this case my fear of heights. The drop happened faster than I had imagined. In fact, it was not so bad. But then I

Back at last!

It has not been a good three weeks for me. No, not at all. But I will endeavour not to make this post all doom and gloom. :) My final day at work (29 January) was special in many ways. The amount of affection coming my way from my colleagues was stunning. So were the number of hugs. :) A lot of people felt that my role should not have

Future - a post where I discuss my way forward

Yep – another self-indulgent post! Anyway, sorry folks for not posting for a week. Since signing my redundancy I have had much to dwell upon. Also, my daughter has taken over my computer – installing SimCity and The Sims upon it. Hmmmmmmmm. Not happy. :( And I have seen the latest Star Wars film. Very happy. :) Don’t worry, this is all I am saying on that. Anyway, I’ve been

Third book teaser, travels, genealogy and keratoconus

Wow – that title is sure a jumble of thoughts. Yes – my next brain-dump is upon you. Flee while you can! Third book teaser So I have chucked (I love that word) the teaser for the third book up onto the menus. For those of you not following my blog, I wrote a ginormous novel and then decided that it did not work together well in one whole. basically

Lost things

I was not going to post today but something happened today to remind me of my Keratoconus. This is not a topic I address too frequently because I don’t like to be defined by my disorder. But sometimes it gets very frustrating. As per normal I hurried to catch my morning train. I use an electronic card (called an Opal card) to pay my train fare and I keep the

Site changes, writing plans, travel videos, art, Keratoconus

By now you are probably certain that I am insane, or at least overly-ambitious with my plans. But here are some more, as well as some progress. Site changes If you haven’t noticed I have really been playing with the gamer pages on this site. Pages? Yes, plural. I figured that I wanted to write my entire experience from the first computer game I played in a museum in Birmingham

A few changes to the site

Hi all, just a little post to tell you about a few changes to this blog site. I’ve now added a contacts page. A friend of mine suggested the need for people to contact me privately, and so here it is. I’ve also changed the name of the “WAR Clan” page to “My gamer life” and in it I will be adding totally self absorbed stories about my experiences playing

The artist and keratoconus

At the age of 13 I was told that I would be blind by 21. That was in 1977 and obviously I can still see. Well… mostly (two operations, some pain and a lot of discomfort later). And what does that have to do with art? Well, a fellow blogger wrote a post about what constitutes a true artist (do you have to be such a tool). The post was actually