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Comments back on and other news

Hi folks, In case any of you wondered, I had comments turned off for a while because I found the site flooded with pornography-related comments. I’m now starting to deal with that, so I have turned the comments back on. I have just celebrated one year of working. Wow, that went quick. I’ve learnt a lot of C# programming and now that I have Visual Studio running again at home

A bit of whinging and then even more plans. LOL

Hope this finds you all well. So here I am again looking at WordPress and thinking about the way forward. No success so far in job hunting. Nicole may be starting at a Public Service job next week, but we keep having issues with her and the Police Check. This is where she signs a document to give them permission to check her criminal history. Twice we have sent in


Hi all, I am still spending my days and nights applying for jobs. No luck yet, though plenty of close calls. I get the impression that I am either vastly overqualified or vastly underqualified – depending upon the job. As of today I am also re-learning programming. Some of you may be aware that I was a software engineer a long, long time ago. Unfortunately around the time that .NET

Perks for Politicians and Public Servants

Hi all, Today’s post a fairly parochial, so please forgive me. In recent times Australian news has been filled with stories about politicians and public servants getting “freebies”. Some of these may be from lobbyists. Some may be from commercial interests. The general consensus seems to be “It’s not fair that they get such freebies.” Such freebies include overseas trips, dinners, attendance at sporting events and so on. I wish

“Success” is a buzzword, nothing more. True or False?

My wonderful and insightful friend Mustakettu85 (please visit her page) recently commented on one of my posts the statement ““Success” is a buzzword, nothing more”. It made me think, and I love anything that makes me think. This is a response. I am going to admit from the very beginning that I do not know in detail the thoughts that underlie this comment. Knowing Mustakettu85  they are probably very deep. So

Personal update (keratoconus, work, performance, writing, art)

Hi folks, Thought that I would give you all an update. I’ll divide it up into themes :) Health Currently recovering from a rejection of my cornea graft. Two weeks ago I was at a point where my eye was red and so swollen that it was permanently shut. A whole lot of medication later and it is almost back to normal. Having to drop antibiotics into it every hour. What a

Idle thoughts about how we can reform democracy

OK – here is a big question and I will probably get myself into hot water with this, so I am asking for forgiveness in advance. But I find myself reading lots and lots of commentary regarding recent decisions in democratic countries. For years now I have also listened to lots of people complaining about every side of politics. Eeeek! I guess the first thing to consider is whether or

Is seeing films at cinemas worth the price?

Last night I took my wife and daughter to the local Event cinema to see Captain America: Civil War. I loved the film but… Let’s see, where should I start? Price! Two adults and one child cost me $70 for the tickets alone. We did see it in VMAX. VMAX is supposedly a bigger and better screen, with better chairs and a better experience. Ummmmmm… Yes, the chairs were better

My first graphics to hit an international publication

Hi all, :) This is just a brief bit of joy that I want to share with you. As you may remember from one of my earlier posts, I was working on building a 3D model of an X-Ray machine. Well, I incorporated the model into scenes that I created to help explain an abstract on the impact of radiation on the eyes of nurses in X-ray rooms. These  graphics are to be published in

Web site changes and starting again on the textbook

Hello my friends, A quick catchup. The eyes are healing and I can spend longer each day on the computer. Hence you may notice me starting to read and like your posts again. Slowly, slowly though. Saw the surgeon the other day and he was very pleased and we are still on track for stitches coming out in July. This has given me the confidence to work on the website

Changes coming - my future being planned

Consider this post a message to myself with you guys being interested parties. *** Where to now? It’s a question that I keep asking myself. My eyes are recovering well and the future beckons. But which future? A long time ago, back in the mid-1980s, my rich uncle visited Australia. He was a man who had started his career as a butcher’s boy and ended up on the Board of

Struggling back - insights of self

Hi folks, Today’s post is very introspective. Sorry.  It’s more a cathartic output for myself than a post for others. Once upon a time I leapt of a cliff into deep water. I did so to prove to myself that I can overcome fear – in this case my fear of heights. The drop happened faster than I had imagined. In fact, it was not so bad. But then I

Site (Jetpack) issues and some novels identified

Hi all, Having problems with Jetpack operating with WordPress. It means that I frequently can’t post comments on my own site from my phone. Given that I do most of my WordPress reading and comments on the train to and from work using the phone , this is a problem. (That also explains why so many of my comments are pretty brief and not well thought out). I’ve tried fixing

Friends, natural beauty and slavery

After a few days with my computer in a workshop being upgraded (the SSD was full and the thing was no longer working properly), I sigh a big sigh of relief and can make a post. Unfortunately I cannot meet a promise of showing a comparison video between Blender in cycles and Blender in Luxrender. That may have to wait a week. :(  So instead I will talk about something

Site changes

Pardon the visual pun. LOL Anyway, as you may have noticed Greole.com is looking a bit different after a weekend of stuffing around with themes and the such. I have now installed the free Sydney theme which looks quite spectacular in my opinion. Please let me know if you like it. To some extent I have also moved the focus of the site onto my fantasy world of Shade (albeit

A quick review of Minions and some other jabberings on :)

Still recovering from recent workload. So anyway, I took my family to the movies. I personally love animated movies if they are done well, so there was no doubt that we would be seeing either Minions or Inside Out. And Minions it was. As a result a very brief review. Minions is the latest product of Californian animation company Illumination Entertainment. A spin off of the Despicable Me series I approached

Book review: The Abyss Beyond Dreams

Hi all, I must apologise for a lack of activity over the past 3 or 4 days. I’ve had a dreadful cold that really knocked me around. On the bright side I did finish reading Peter F Hamilton’s “The Abyss Beyond Dreams” while bedridden. So I figured that I would write a book review as I once did quite a bit on Amazon. I will also try to avoid any

I've got the Liebster Award

Hi all, Creakingbones has nominated me for the Liebster Award. Thank you :) As I understand it, there are three main requirements for recipients and they are: 1     Answer questions posed by their nominator. 2     Nominate another group of bloggers you deem to be worthy of the award. 3     Pose a number of questions for the fresh bunch of nominees to answer. So here goes answering the questions posed to

Five photos - Five Stories - Day Five - Not the final act

  All good things come to an end. So it is with sorrow I finish this Five Photos – Five Stories sequence of posts. But before I present you with my final tale, let me present to you the talented person to whom I will hand over the responsibility of Five Photos – Five Posts. Her name is Kylie Ison and her blog site is Slim Beyond 40. Kylie is a gifted

Best laid plans...

OK – so this picture has nothing to do whatsoever with this post. It is just a holiday snap from a few years ago. But I think of it this way, if I didn’t post this picture here then I probably would never look at it again – or very rarely. Oh well, on with the post… I had great expectations for this last weekend. You will have read about them