Aurelia's Tempting

Because of my poor eyesight I don’t use live models and have a tendency not to think overly much about their profession. However a lot of artists and photographers do. Hence when I read a post by a model called It’s not Porn it got me thinking. Firstly, what was the post about. Well, the points I took away are that if you are a life model then: you will get

Simple joys - painting plaster figurines

Today my local cemetery opened its gates, not to let zombies out but to let sight-seers in. Those zombies that did get out were completely unintentional! My wife, always the more macabre of the two of us (hard to believe, eh?), decided to visit. So we all did. I was frustrated that we somehow missed the display of medieval warfare (yes, it’s a rather unusual cemetery) but I ended up

Updating my WAR page and finding my first animation

It’s been a nostalgic few days going through old discs and tapes dating back to the 1990s. Alas many seem to have corrupted and the memories are gone for good. On the bright side, some survive. I guess there is a lesson to be learnt there. Firstly, I have been finding lots of stuff relating to my years as an online gamer. I am recording these years because they coincide

New site theme - Point

Hi all, Today I have transitioned my page from the Twenty Fourteen theme to the Point theme. I wanted a more magazine-like feel to my blog and, after some experimenting with Twenty Fourteen, found that it just could not do what I required of it. After a fair bit of researching and experimenting I settled on Point. I am certainly happy with the outcome. My Venice video is taking time

The end of Laughing Mark

Today I discovered that a friend had died. He had died almost four months ago. Not much of a friend am I, to remain oblivious to a fact like this for so long. *** A few years back my family joined the local branch of the Doctor Who Club of Australia. There were a few different blokes in the club named Mark, so my daughter distinguished them with nicknames. This one

Site changes, writing plans, travel videos, art, Keratoconus

By now you are probably certain that I am insane, or at least overly-ambitious with my plans. But here are some more, as well as some progress. Site changes If you haven’t noticed I have really been playing with the gamer pages on this site. Pages? Yes, plural. I figured that I wanted to write my entire experience from the first computer game I played in a museum in Birmingham

A few changes to the site

Hi all, just a little post to tell you about a few changes to this blog site. I’ve now added a contacts page. A friend of mine suggested the need for people to contact me privately, and so here it is. I’ve also changed the name of the “WAR Clan” page to “My gamer life” and in it I will be adding totally self absorbed stories about my experiences playing

Lawn mowing, masculinity and rebranding my videos

  Two topics today. The first was born of me mowing my back yard. The second is me thinking about how to make my YouTube channel better. Mowing and masculinity I live in a suburb of Sydney where lawns (front and back) are kept tidy and presentable. The men in my neighbourhood spend their weekends washing their cars, mowing their lawns and undertaking all manner of house maintenance. They do

The artist and keratoconus

At the age of 13 I was told that I would be blind by 21. That was in 1977 and obviously I can still see. Well… mostly (two operations, some pain and a lot of discomfort later). And what does that have to do with art? Well, a fellow blogger wrote a post about what constitutes a true artist (do you have to be such a tool). The post was actually

Today I submitted my first short story

Well folks, today I submitted my story “Tears of a Blue Priestess” to Grey Matter Press in the hope that they will include it in their upcoming anthology “Monsters”. Judging from their Facebook page they have received a lot of submissions. I guess that you have to be in it to win it. So let’s see how it pans out. It’s funny how I feel – so very nervous. Fancy

Australia Day, Wicked, Site changes, & Writing

  Australia Day Happy Australia Day! For those of you not from a land down under, today is my country’s national day of celebrating who we are. For many of us (myself included), that means grateful citizens born overseas who have been given chances they may not otherwise have had. Like most countries we have flaws, but I am proud of this place and would not live anywhere else. Wicked

Games and Themes

This is a bit of a brain dump, so don’t expect cohesively structured thought. Me and computer gaming …or should it be computer gaming and I? Anyway, grammar aside, I was reading a blog called Musings of a Nerdy Girl, and I saw the article about computer gaming. (Please visit it – some interesting thoughts) It evoked something in me. You see, for about a decade I was an addict to

Aurelia's Tempting

Aurelia’s Tempting My initial plan was to use DAZ Studio to create a Caravaggio-style image. As you see it did not quite work out. The colours were not as desired, being too bright and the entire picture did just not “feel” as intended. However I was happy with the light-dark contrast and generally like the picture as it is. So I will retain this and have another go at a

Changing my blog title and other nonsense

I’ve decided to change my blog title to “Home to Gregory Long – Fantasist, Artist, Author, Experimenter and General Eccentric”. As part of the course “Blogging 101” they said to consider making the title more appropriate. I think that this meets the specification. So why this? Well, besides the obvious I just felt that simple having “Home to Gregory Long – Fantasist” was a bit limiting. Probably the best descriptor