My first personal project in Unity  #Unity3D

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For those of you who are unaware (i.e. you only follow me on my rare blog posts but not on Twitter), I’ve recently started a Unity programming course on UnityLearn called the Junior Programmer pathway. I’m totally loving it. Given the fact I’m 57, part of my preparation for retirement in a decade’s time includes a portfolio of minor income-earning activities such as writing for magazines and anthologies, 3D asset

Finally got Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition working again!

OK – a technical post for any programmers out there whose system knowledge is a bit lacking these days (like mine, apparently). Basically, I had a problem and after a few months I now have an answer, so I am sharing. The problem was that I had a working version of Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition and decided to upgrade. During the upgrade I got the following message: PackageId:Microsoft.VisualStudio.MinShell.Interop.Msi;PackageAction:Install;ReturnCode:1911; And