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Worldbuilding - my responses to Jasne

I my last writing post, Jasne as me a whole heap of really good questions (a big thanks Jasne :) ). I was going to respond to his comment and then realised that my response would make a really good (or at least average) post. So here we go. I will put Jasne’s comments in blue italics and my responses in Klingon plain text. Note that there will be some

Writing, writing, writing

Hi folks, This is just a brief catch up. Since my last post I have been getting up each morning and writing. Admittedly, first I throw a photo up on Instagram. Looking at a photo from an exciting adventure in my past tends to brighten my day. The entire beginning of the novel has been rewritten. Ten thousand new words! The secondary plot has really expanded into something that I

Another attempt at novel structure

(Today’s post is just brief musing over my novel rewrite.) David Lee Summers wrote a cool post on his blog called Music Evoked Imagery. I won’t steal his thunder by explaining it – just pop over and have a read. Anyway, one thing that he mentioned is the fact that he likes to outline the novels that he writes. For me that is something mystical. I have written so many

And a bit of writing too

(Just a brief one today…) This blog is an excellent way of sharing adventures, ideas and fun with established online friends. It is also great for making new friends. Thing is, it is also practice for writing my science fiction / fantasy novel. I know that Stephen King urged us would-be writers to write every day. I seem to recall he said something like 2000 words (though I may be wrong and am

Really bad teenage angst poetry

OK – had not intended to post anything. Just packing for the trip and while looking for my old UK electric power point converters I actually found a screwed up piece of paper in a box under my bed that turned out to be one of my teenage poems (I was 18). Wow – 1982! It is soooooo lame. But I guess I can use the sentiments in writing teenage

Writing, a photographic experiment with RAW and Premio Dardos Award

Hi everyone, My family and I have spent the last few days at my sister-in-law’s place looking after her four lads while she and her husband were down in Melbourne. Hence no posts from me. Today’s post will look at the writing/editing that I did there and also at a photographic experiment of mine. Given that I am no great photographer, I beg your indulgence. I need to get better

Site (Jetpack) issues and some novels identified

Hi all, Having problems with Jetpack operating with WordPress. It means that I frequently can’t post comments on my own site from my phone. Given that I do most of my WordPress reading and comments on the train to and from work using the phone , this is a problem. (That also explains why so many of my comments are pretty brief and not well thought out). I’ve tried fixing

Teenage sexuality - as father and as author

Today I realised that in a few years I would need a shotgun and a rocking chair. I subconsciously practiced the phrase “Son, what are your intentions with my daughter?” So what caused this train of thought? Well, today Rhiannon competed in a dance competition. She’s now 11, but since the age of 3 has been learning ballet, tap and contemporary dance at the local EDTA (Education in Dance and

Playing with Pari's opening (maybe I should rephrase that)

Sorry about the post title, I honestly called it that and only noticed its possible inappropriate interpretations just before I clicked “Publish”. The problem was that I then chuckled and then thought “Oh well, maybe my readers will get a laugh too from my thoughtlessness”. As you know, now that I have split up the bigger novel into smaller ones I need to write new openings for each novel. Here is my

The trials and tribulations of Blenders cliffs

Today is a mostly graphics oriented post. However I might also discuss the belief system of the Gnosians and their Magi (i.e. some of the people in my distant novel). Which first? Well, for some of you I suspect that the computer graphics stuff will be dead boring… so let’s start with that! :) Only kidding :) Religion of the Gnosians and their Magi At the moment there is definitely

Nemesis Games (unintentional review) and recrafting of my own novels

Once upon a Monday night dreary, while I pondered weak and… Dammit! Originality young Greg! Review of Nemesis Games that I had not originally intended to write – it just happened Anyway, towards the end of last week my work sucked me dry enough that I barely touched a computer for several days. Hence no blog posts not even much blog reading. Instead I read a science fiction novel called

3 versions of my Great Grandfather Curling & some thoughts on my novel(s)

Today I will ramble on about two things. The first is the restoration and colouring of an old photo. The second is my current thoughts on my writings (novels, novellas, short stories). The old photo As some of you may remember I started work on restoring and colouring a pre-1890 photo of my great grandfather William Clark Curling (of Hernhill, Kent).  Here is the original photo: So I played around

Book review: The Abyss Beyond Dreams

Hi all, I must apologise for a lack of activity over the past 3 or 4 days. I’ve had a dreadful cold that really knocked me around. On the bright side I did finish reading Peter F Hamilton’s “The Abyss Beyond Dreams” while bedridden. So I figured that I would write a book review as I once did quite a bit on Amazon. I will also try to avoid any

Five Photos - Five Stories - Day Four - Tropical waters

Memories, like old photos, can fade. Perhaps now that we are in the digital age that metaphor will itself fade away. Who knows? For much of my life I have used cheap cameras. Most of my photographs were taken with a second-hand Russian camera that was old when I bought it in 1983. This happenstance was not due to me being a cheapskate, albeit I cannot deny that accusation. It

Five Photos – Five Stories – Day Three – Touching

Some things you just have to touch. Sure, you can stand there and admire them. You can even fantasise about the touch of them beneath your finger tips. But looking is not sufficient. And fantasies can be so… frustrating. Oh yes, I remember it like it was yesterday. I had to get my hands onto them. Everything that was me demanded that I do so. And yet there was a

Five Photos – Five Stories – Day Two – The Pond

  Change is inevitable. Sometimes it is good. Sometimes it is bad. But always it just… is. Once upon a time the spit of land between Cronulla and Kurnell (south of Sydney, Australia) was famous for its sand hills. I guess that in previous decades those same sand hills may have stretched further. What makes me think this? I have memories of reading old newspapers from before my time where they

Five Photos - Five Stories - Day One - Jellyfish Boy

I have been nominated by Creakingbones to partake of the Five Photos, Five Stories challenge. I’m actually quite stoked, because it gives me five consecutive days of not only talking about myself but also posting pics about myself. :)  Um, let’s just check that… OK. From what I can gather the rules of the challenge require me to post a photo each day for five consecutive days and attach a story to

Ozlife page added plus a new FFI video produced

As the title suggest, I have been up to a couple of things today. Actually, even more than that. My daughter turns 11 in a week’s time, so rather than clean up my art studio from the storms, I’ve been trying to make the back yard presentable for a party. Back to wretched lawn mowing! Luckily another storm saved me by late afternoon. Ozlife What was Ozlife? Well, its full

Venice from above

Hi all :) I’ve finished making the next episode of Finding Forgotten Inspiration. This time I’m at the top of St Mark’s Campanile (fancy Italian word for bell-tower) in Venice during the wonderful winter of 1997. So how is this relevant to my writing? Well, several of the characters in my works belong to a society of magi called Gnosians. These live in a stone tower overlooking the city of Shade.

Novel inspirations from Bath and next video planned

Hi folks, as you recall, the whole point of my “Finding Forgotten Inspiration” videos is to get ideas for my writing. So the obvious question after watching the video on Bath is “what inspirations did I get?” I list two below. I also tell you my next destination, due next weekend perhaps. Layers of stories The first and foremost is that humans tell stories and layer them. It’s very like