3D art

Some minor improvements to the spaceship

Hi all, Very tired, so I will be brief (LOL at me being brief!). I’ve revisited the spaceship and decided to stretch it out, add some misty type stuff, and also add a character so that the picture has some form of story going on. This is the result. While I cannot say that I am happy with it, I feel that it is an improvement over the earlier version.

Disappointed with spaceship progress

I simply don’t like the spaceship piece that I am developing. It does not meet with my initial expectations. Here it is so far: I am currently contemplating some wisps or tendrils of space gases floating around it. Not sure. Just don’t like it and am feeling very disappointed. This said, I have learnt an awful lot. Maybe my next craft will be better. Thanks for reading. Greg 0

Whose space ship decoration style am I trying to imitate?

        Spent two hours today slowly… ever so slowly… decorating my spaceship. Have not got too far, but wondered how many of you out there can guess the artist who is my source of inspiration for this work. As a clue, he’s a spaceship artist whose work has covered several science fiction books over several decades. He has a fairly unique style in my opinion – one that

Me, 3D and my fear of Blender

(Expect a long nostalgic egotistical introduction followed by me talking about my irrational fear of Blender – yes, I am self-indulgent! :)  ) In 1991, having completed a Bachelors degree in History & English, I did the obvious thing and enrolled in a Computer Science degree. By this time I had been playing with computers (trying to write games and create graphics) since buying a Commodore 64 in 1983. In

Another incredibly easy picture made with DAZ Studio

Hi all, By now many of my longer-running readers would probably be wondering where went all the promises of easily-made but professional looking art. So here is one for you guys. The following picture was made in about 30 minutes and required very little skill on my part. Yet I must admit that I really quite like it. The character is Asype, the Western Pilot of Shade. He is a

Received Doris' signature and added to picture

Sorry, it’s a bit of a day for posting more than once. Doris kindly sent me her signature and I have added it with my own on the picture. But before I show you the pic, I will share with you an excerpt from her email to me:  “…yes, i like it, it looks like it comes from one of the old adventure games i liked to play, named myst. fun!

Using Doris Fiebig's model

The other day a modeller and artist whom I admire greatly (Doris Fiebig) created a particular abstract-type object. Here is the post. So I said that I thought I could use it in a science fiction scene. Well, we chatted and I got a copy of the model and as I played with textures and scenes the following kind of happened. Hope you all like (especially you Doris). I have

3. Adding a gas giant planet with Photoshop

Hi all, just about to run off to work, but thought that I would share my progress from last night’s work on the desert scene. I’ve added a large but faint blue gas giant in the sky, a crashed spaceship and some smoke. I’m still uncertain about that smoke. I’m thinking about adding some footprints in the sand and maybe some stars in the part of the sky not obscured

2. Starting work on "Desert crash"

Today’s topics are the man in desert scene that I said that I would commence, and feedback from the Monsters anthology publishers (perhaps my post title is a spoiler). Desert My plan went like this: Make a desert landscape in Bryce (because I already own it) and export that to the Unreal Engine. In the Unreal Engine create some totally awesome materials and paint them on the desert. Create a

Finished! My new piece of art.

This entry is part 11 of 12 in the series Fantasy art piece with free 3D tools

Hi all, Well, just as I said, I performed the post-production using Photoshop. To do this I first rendered the scene at 7800 pixels by 3900 pixels. In DAZ Studio, with all my lights etc. it took about 20 minutes of chugging before finally giving me a picture. I ended up doing this several times before I was truly satisfied. Originally I had intended to do streaming sunlight, but it just

Step Six of new image: Lighting

This entry is part 10 of 12 in the series Fantasy art piece with free 3D tools

Slap me in the face with a herring and call me Stinky! My last post I said that it was time for post-production. Totally wrong. That’s what happens when you spend six straight hours positioning and posing models – the brain goes gaga. I also forgot to tell you what models and gear I used. Well, I will leave that up to my concluding post on the topic. So lighting

Very basic introduction to Sweet Home 3D

This entry is part 4 of 12 in the series Fantasy art piece with free 3D tools

This post is intended for people who want to try to make something in a 3D computer package but feel that it’s all a bit overwhelming. I know how you feel. I do – I promise. Blender, for example, can be awfully frightening when you first power it up. Way too many controls. Sweet Home 3D (introduced to me by one of my friends here) is such a better starting

Profiling my villain and showing you how the map is progressing

I am still working on my map and will show the progress so far at the end of this post. But I also continue to write the novel and research ideas relating to it. Indeed, in respect to Tempting in Shade I have reached 411 pages and can perceive that it is likely to end up almost double that. Will my mid-2015 deadline fall? I would not be surprised if