Today's activity: Finding Aphenous Long #Genealogy #Ancestry

Just a little tale of my activities today. Between writing, creating art, singing, and reading, I like to spend down-time researching my family history. It is a long term project that I have been working on since my late teens. In those days I was reduced to wandering dusty university libraries (ah, I still remember the delightful aroma of leather-bound tomes) looking for old digests and annuals that might provide

The British Newspaper Archives - a great historical resource @BNArchive

Introduction You know me – I’m all over the place with my interests.  And yet I am not. All my interests overlap so that the sum is greater than the parts. The British Newspaper Archive is something that I have held membership of for a few years now. And I love it. I use it for a number of my interests. This article will address two of those, namely writing and

A bit of painting & some genealogical photo art

In this post I shall ramble a bit about someone contacting me on and discuss how that made me decide  to revitalise an old family photo. I shall also give you an update on the painting I started in April… I actually did a bit today. OK – now for the genealogical ramblings you lucky people you. So I have this really annoying ancestor called William Hanbury. In 1826