MS Excel

Changing my blog title and other nonsense

I’ve decided to change my blog title to “Home to Gregory Long – Fantasist, Artist, Author, Experimenter and General Eccentric”. As part of the course “Blogging 101” they said to consider making the title more appropriate. I think that this meets the specification. So why this? Well, besides the obvious I just felt that simple having “Home to Gregory Long – Fantasist” was a bit limiting. Probably the best descriptor

Using Excel charts to create a cityscape for an illustration

Hi all. After a bit of rest I managed to finish off this post and video for you. My arm and shoulder are still hurting, and I will have an MRI tomorrow, but I really wanted this out there as it was mostly done. Below is a very simple “super-hero flying up out of a city” type picture. You see them in comics all the time. The very basic buildings in the

More lessons learnt about adversity and more on Excel for cityscapes

Today’s post will be some self-indulgent stuff that I am learning from this experience of chronic pain in my right arm. I will try to write it up in an interesting manner so as to practice my writing skills. I will also preview my proof-of-concept about using MS Excel for making cityscapes. Me and my illness, my illness and me… In the scheme of things, having some sort of temporary