Nude dancer - DAZ Studio

You may recall from an earlier post that I decided to attempt to create a nude scene in DAZ Studio that used red curtains inspired by a fellow blogger (Liz Zusev). To do so I had to figure out how to create appropriate curtains and I did so (as detailed in my previous post). Now the actual nude. Before I progress with this, let me just say that I tend

Making 3D curtains with Sculptris

  Hi folks, the tutorial rendered well overnight and has successfully uploaded and been published on YouTube for your viewing pleasure. :) So what to expect? Well, essentially the tutorial has two parts. The first is using a free program called Sculptris (found here) to add folds and creases to a plane so that it looks like a curtain. In all honesty this could probably also be done in Blender. In

A teaser for my tutorial to come on curtains

You may remember me saying that I wanted to create a scene of a nude in front of some rich red curtains. Well step 1 was figuring out the best way to create such curtains for DAZ Studio. Now I did investigate Blender (I promise I did Doris). Blender has this really cool cloth simulator. I watched a few YouTube videos on the topic and was very impressed. But as

Sculptris and then a review of a texture pack that authors can use as a resource

Hi all, This post starts off with a chat about an application called Sculptris and then talks about a texture pack that I highly recommend for anyone looking at creating affordable, high quality book art. Sculptris I had originally intended to write a little piece about a free 3D sculpting program called Sculptris. It is free and can be downloaded from here. Some months I created the following image of mushrooms