Three years later - changing my spaceship lighting

Three years drifted by. I was dissatisfied with that last image. Then I read a post on a fine blog called “This Northern Boy.” It was a thought-provoking piece on digital art and how this particular artist compensates for what he feels is his average modelling skills. The author, Alastair Temple, said “I hide the lack of details, and hint at them rather than showing the.” He went on to

Cinematography of spacecraft in "The Expanse"

If you haven’t seen it yet, “The Expanse” is a recent science fiction television series based on the series of book with the same name by James S A Corey (actually the alias for two authors working together). The first in the series is “Leviathan Wakes”. I really love this series of books and was lucky enough to stumble on them almost as soon as the first one was published. Anyway,