Sweet Home 3D

New digital artwork - Trouble in Elfland

Hi all, spent much of last week writing my textbook. But on Saturday started experimenting with Collision detection and character morphing in DAZ Studio. I had no intention of actually making a publishable picture, but somehow got pulled in to doing so. Ended up taking the entire weekend, most of which was fiddling with light sources (believe it or not – my original purpose having been satisfied within the hour). Here is the

Finished! My new piece of art.

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Hi all, Well, just as I said, I performed the post-production using Photoshop. To do this I first rendered the scene at 7800 pixels by 3900 pixels. In DAZ Studio, with all my lights etc. it took about 20 minutes of chugging before finally giving me a picture. I ended up doing this several times before I was truly satisfied. Originally I had intended to do streaming sunlight, but it just

Very basic introduction to Sweet Home 3D

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This post is intended for people who want to try to make something in a 3D computer package but feel that it’s all a bit overwhelming. I know how you feel. I do – I promise. Blender, for example, can be awfully frightening when you first power it up. Way too many controls. Sweet Home 3D (introduced to me by one of my friends here) is such a better starting

Step Two of new image: a few home made textures

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Hi all. You can probably find dozens of posts online that will tell you how to make textures. Here’s another one. But I won’t tell you how to suck eggs (not too much). Instead, I will show you just what I did and (for those new to doing this as some of you have suggested in your comments) how I am convinced that even making your own textures is pretty

Step one of new image: Basic Architecture using Sweet Home 3D

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Tonight I constructed the basics of a very limited stage for my aforementioned picture. One design decision is to have the scene set in a corridor with strong elements of light and dark. Sweet Home 3D permitted me to construct the basic corridor with ease. So here it is: The top part is the floor plan. You draw this in Sweet Home 3D . The bottom part is Sweet Home 3Ds projection of the building’s appearance as a

Intentions for new picture

This entry is part 1 of 12 in the series Fantasy art piece with free 3D tools

Hi all, I’m just sharing my intentions with you. Normally my art involves very little planning. I just play till something nice appears. Today I want to actually plan a picture and share the entire process with you. As I want to challenge myself on a few things, this will take a few weeks. My goals with the picture are: to have dramatic lighting (think Caravaggio or Film Noir) to

Sweet Home 3D to DAZ Studio

  Recently Mustakettu over at Radium Demesne suggested that I should look at a free little graphics app called Sweet Home 3D.  So I did. The makers of this application describe it as “a free interior design application that helps you draw the plan of your house, arrange furniture on it and visit the results in 3D.” That is so cool! So I opened it up and within minutes had