Unreal Engine

2. Starting work on "Desert crash"

Today’s topics are the man in desert scene that I said that I would commence, and feedback from the Monsters anthology publishers (perhaps my post title is a spoiler). Desert My plan went like this: Make a desert landscape in Bryce (because I already own it) and export that to the Unreal Engine. In the Unreal Engine create some totally awesome materials and paint them on the desert. Create a

Next art work "Desert Crash" plus some thoughts on my writing

Hi all, today I will submit a progress report on my writing and also my plans for my next work of art. My next art work I feel that I now have a very simplistic understanding of the Unreal Engine. So nothing is stopping me from having a go at my first work of art in it :) I envision a few scenes, but am not sure which I will

Importing textures into the Unreal Engine

  Hi :) As you know, I said that I would investigate the Unreal Engine as a tool for the creation of art. You also saw a very simplistic video that  showed my bathroom tiles on an object. Well, here is a video tutorial showing how to: import the aforesaid tiles into the Unreal Engine, apply them to an object, give them some depth with a Normal Map, control the shine with

My first "wee" impressions of the Unreal Engine as an artist

I am sure that my Scot relatives are going to frown at my use of “wee” meaning “tiny”. Oh well. So I downloaded the Unreal Engine and fired it up. I tried importing a few things and got errors. Damn! As with most complex things it was not immediately user friendly. But somehow I managed to import my floor tile texture – you know, the one made from a photo

Downloading the Unreal Engine

Hi all, Three days ago (2 March 2015) Epic decided to make the Unreal Engine free. So I am downloading it as I write (it’s about 3 Gigs, I lie not)… Hang on, I hear you say (which demonstrates either amazingly acute hearing or really scary delusional tendencies on my part – and I know which I suspect). Just who is Epic and what is the Unreal Engine. OK – in