Site (Jetpack) issues and some novels identified

Hi all, Having problems with Jetpack operating with WordPress. It means that I frequently can’t post comments on my own site from my phone. Given that I do most of my WordPress reading and comments on the train to and from work using the phone , this is a problem. (That also explains why so many of my comments are pretty brief and not well thought out). I’ve tried fixing

A productive day of short story writing

  Hi all! Sorry, today’s post is not going to demonstrate anything. Nor is it going to be some deep and meaningful monologue upon some artistic philosophy. Nor a useful insight. Instead it is a bit of shared happiness regarding my day of writing. Well, not really a day of writing. Perhaps four or five hours of writing.  After all I did go shopping with my wife and daughter (surprisingly painless and

Our ways - a response as me and one about my villain

Over at the Pursuit of Happiness blog my blogging mate gave a challenge called Our Ways. Among the questions that could be addressed were the following: Does each of us know what she or he wants to do? Do we have realistic plans? Do we work hard to carry them out? At the time that I noticed this I was performing a bit of a personality deconstruction of my villain.

Introducing my psychopathic villain Kerphulu

As you know I am writing a short story about a key moment in the life of my chief villain: Kerphulu. I thought that I would create an image of him with one of his victims in this story. I hoped that this would give me a better sense for the man. It did. Here it is: I took the Hare psychopath scale into account as I designed him (see

Psychopathic traits for writers creating villains

This is just a short post on something I recently stumbled across. In my research to create just the right villain I found myself watching the following fascinating documentary about psychopaths: Made by the BBC it discussed the characteristics of psychopathy. As a writer, one of the key things that came out of this for me was the checklist of characteristics common to psychopaths. This checklist of traits provides me

Using an anthology submission to build a villain's backstory

Truth be told, my compulsive pedantic nature is impacting my novel writing. I feel the need to fully explore and understand the backgrounds of my characters. Now I know that a lot of writing methodologies say that this is a good thing, but it so slows me down. As a result I ask myself “how can I turn this into a positive?” Enter magazines and anthologies. I stumbled across a call for submissions

Profiling my villain and showing you how the map is progressing

I am still working on my map and will show the progress so far at the end of this post. But I also continue to write the novel and research ideas relating to it. Indeed, in respect to Tempting in Shade I have reached 411 pages and can perceive that it is likely to end up almost double that. Will my mid-2015 deadline fall? I would not be surprised if

What I want in a Villain & The Curse of the Bad Chapter

  This is two blog posts for the price of one as I have been dwelling on both of these things. The first is finding the villain that I find perfect for the novel. Yes sure, I’ve already named and described him in the first draft. But I really need to tease him out more. So I have been watching films and documentaries of actors who are known for characterisations