My gamer life


This set of pages is dedicated to a bunch of people whom I mostly knew online but who were fun and supportive friends nevertheless. It is a work in progress as I find more old pictures and remember more stories.

I have loved games all my life. Computer games, board games, any games. So the pages under this menu are a bit of a self-indulgent history.   Please also note that these are a constantly changing work. I tend to add and edit as new memories and thoughts arise.

The sections so far are:



  1. I’ve only played one computer game in my life. It was ‘Leisure Suit Larry Looking for Love’. I played it on my first computer, a Microbee. I think it was a DOS machine. I bought in Hornsby where they made the things. A mate in the Fisheries at Cronulla recommended it to me. Thanks for bringing back that distant past. They were happy carefree days.


    1. :) Leisure Suit Larry was a cack! When was that? 1988? Yes, carefree days indeed, my friend. :)


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