Gaming and art

Gaming and art

One of the things that attracted me to the gamer scene is its close affiliation with art. And not just level design and the such. Clans often tended to have individuals (often several) who could create appealing visuals. This could be highly creative, new images or adaptations of existing game art. In the latter case it could derive from promotional material or in-game screenshots.

Below is a copy of a piece of game art associated with the Gods of Gore (I wish I could attribute it to someone – send me a message if you know the creator). It dates from around 2000. The images clearly derive from in-game – in this case from CounterStrike.godsofgorehead        

Another web-site banner from the early 2000s is for the HalfLife Deathmatch clan “The Purging Prophets” or [PP].




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