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Late Breaking News

As we are waiting to be hosted by, I (-Violator-) will be offline from the gaming network for at least 18mths WEF 15 Feb 2001. SoulTheif will take over the reigns from then until I return. If you wish to know where , what & why I am going, ask me or ST for the answer. My ISP will be disconnected and so on and so forth.........

Posted Jan 3rd, 2001 by -Violator-(GMT- +11)
Welcome to our new site and a new clan. Established on the day of this being posted, we have found ourselves in a spot. Not getting the satisfaction we required from our previous clan experiences, we chose to start our own.

Simple but yet effective: That is our aim. We do not tolerate bad attitudes, just pure hardcore fun!
'We play hard, we die hard'.

Posted Jan 3rd, 2001 by -Violator-(GMT- +11)
SoulTheif is currently working on our intro, it should be worth the wait!

Posted Jan 3rd, 2001 by SoulTheif (GMT- +11)
"Half-life is a game involving more than just skill and cunning. For our clan it is a game that is meant to be enjoyed - both for its competition and for the online social interaction it provides.

Because we value the former we strive to be as good as we can be. Because we value the latter we embrace a code of honour in our online behaviour.

If we beat you in a game we will do so fairly and we will even show you a trick or too to make you are more competitive in future games against us.

If you beat us we will appreciate the skill that you displayed and congratulate you. Naturally we will then work our butts off in practice to completely slaughter you the next time we meet. But hey....

"We value our clan members and don't tolerate people abusing them. We value good, clean opposition because you make us try harder.

These are our goals and if you feel that we don't meet them then you tell us. But don't ever call us cheaters because we don't. If we beat you then it is fair and square. If you have a problem with that then strive to be better and then come seeking us.

So sayest the SoulThief"

So sayest the SoulThief"




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