April 2015

Character review: Pari Azar

A big thanks to those people who responded to my request for help regarding my sixteen year old female character. Based upon those responses and some thought I have built a profile. I also thought back all those years to a few teenage girls whom I had “Deep and Meaningfuls” with when I was a young man.  So here it is, below the picture I created of her some months

Ozlife page added plus a new FFI video produced

As the title suggest, I have been up to a couple of things today. Actually, even more than that. My daughter turns 11 in a week’s time, so rather than clean up my art studio from the storms, I’ve been trying to make the back yard presentable for a party. Back to wretched lawn mowing! Luckily another storm saved me by late afternoon. Ozlife What was Ozlife? Well, its full

Storms and memories of past wars

What a day! And it is only 1pm. Started off at 6am standing outside in torrential rain getting electricity flowing back into the house. My wonderful 1940s cottage has an exterior fuse box. The rain and wind guaranteed absolute soaking within a minute. This storm striking Sydney is horrid. The local beaches are losing their sand to the nearby roads, trees

Progress on novel revision plus MissBee

  NOTE: this is a bit of a “what am I up to” post, so don’t expect fireworks 🙂 My revision is underway. Man it is a tough task. I find myself constantly second-guessing my readers and doubting myself. Chapter two, originally my first chapter, proved fairly easy to revise/edit. It had been through the process several times before and I felt reasonably confident about it.  This is where I

Starting a new painting

So Sunday afternoon Rhiannon (my 10 year old daughter) says to me “Dad, will you paint with me?” Naturally I was thrilled by the idea, only… … I had nothing in mind that I could paint. Back track. If you look at my art you will notice a couple of things. Firstly, my paintings are either portraits or landscapes. Usually I take a photo and paint that. Secondly,