Progress on novel revision plus MissBee

Progress on novel revision plus MissBee



NOTE: this is a bit of a “what am I up to” post, so don’t expect fireworks 🙂

My revision is underway. Man it is a tough task. I find myself constantly second-guessing my readers and doubting myself.

Chapter two, originally my first chapter, proved fairly easy to revise/edit. It had been through the process several times before and I felt reasonably confident about it.  This is where I begin my second story stream. The novel actually has about half a dozen story streams in it, all of which are colliding. To some extent Steven Erikson is my model. I love the complexity of his tales.

Chapter three “The Lock” has been extremely painful to edit. I realised that I had put far too much “clever” description in there that simply slowed down the pace too much. Cutting that was difficult because I love some of those paragraphs, but it had to be done. This chapter returns us to the actions of the Wizard/Pilot Verdant P


  1. There is a blog you might want to read, “Nail Your Novel” by Roz Morris. She talks about ways to make writing/editing more efficient or less painful or to keep the writer from getting off track. I don’t necessarily subscribe entirely to her steps since I like to feel inspired to write something rather than just outlining everything first like an essay, even if I have to waste some stuff or not write that efficiently. But she makes good points. and one idea she has is to save your darlings (the great details you hate to cut out). you can use them for something else.

    1. Hi 🙂 Thank you for commenting here 🙂 I’ve taken a look at the blog that you’ve recommended and am now following. The topic “How to keep writing when time is scarce” got me in straight away. That’s my life! So I will work my way back through her posts. Thanks for that 🙂 And yes, I will do as you say and save my special paragraphs 🙂 Thanks again and don’t be a stranger. Greg

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