Storms and memories of past wars

Storms and memories of past wars


What a day! And it is only 1pm.

Started off at 6am standing outside in torrential rain getting electricity flowing back into the house. My wonderful 1940s cottage has an exterior fuse box. The rain and wind guaranteed absolute soaking within a minute. This storm striking Sydney is horrid. The local beaches are losing their sand to the nearby roads, trees


  1. OMG I looked at the storms – wow, crazy weather. I trust you will be able to repair your studio, and that your friend is one of the relatively unscathed of Dungog, though it sounds like most will be affected in at least some way.

    1. Thanks 🙂 Adrien says he fared a lot better than others and even still has electricity. Mind you, his descriptions of the impact upon others makes it sound really quite bad. 🙁 As for my studio, I should be able to clean it up but not too soon. My daughter’s 11th birthday party is coming up in a fortnight and I need to put priority into getting the house and back garden in good nick for that. Oh well, more time to plan that painting! LOL 🙂

  2. This is a wonderful post. Thank you. War is something that very few of us can imagine anymore; it appears to be outside of us, though it is still happening, sadly, all of the time. My grandfather was part of World War Two and wrote a biography before he died entitled “From Shoebox to Rockets”. At his book signing I also got a signed copy of his friend’s book “My War With Japan”. I feel very privileged to know these true stories. I also hope history will never repeat itself.

    1. Thank you so much for that comment 🙂 I agree totally. But knowing human beings, war is here to stay 🙁 I looked up the book but could not find much about it other than its sale price 🙁 Hope to hear more from you. Greg 🙂

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