Lucerne for a few nights

Lucerne for a few nights

I first visited Lucerne in 2001 on a Globus Tour. Prior to this I had little interest in Switzerland. I just saw it as some mountainous backwater of Europe where people stashed money in inaccessible banks.

Pretty dumb, eh? Me, that is.

The Globus Tour showed me a magnificent side of the country, particularly Lucerne where we stayed in a fantastic hotel in the centre of town


  1. There seems to be something special about the water in all the shots. Could it be because it’s clean? I would imagine the Swiss to be concerned about the environment…

    1. Wait until you see the post where Rhiannon and I swim in some of that water! Clean but cold 🙂

  2. I would like to go there. Only concerned about the prices on food

    1. Fair comment. The food is expensive but we just bought from supermarkets and that was not too bad 🙂

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