December 2015

Our great Christmas

I’ve managed to pry Rhiannon off my PC in order to write a post 🙂 Just wanted to share my Christmas with you all. Hence this might be an incredibly tedious post. I’m just warning you. After all, I don’t want you sitting there reading (or in one case listening to Rupert) and getting all anticipatory (is that a real word?) and then suddenly… nothing. Like a big bad nothing.

The Wilten Basilica, Innsbruck, Austria and the Bon Alpina Hotel

Today’s post is brief and back to telling you all about my amazing holiday 🙂 The coach sped us away from Lichtenstein and towards Innsbruck in Austria. My trusty Google map below shows where Innsbruck is. The countryside along the way was a spectacular panorama of mountains and trees. I must admit that I often found it difficult taking high quality photos while the coach was on the move. The

A proud father sings a duet with his daughter

Hi folks, Sunday was a proud day for me, albeit probably a sore-ear day for those around me. Rhiannon had her annual dance concert. As I have mentioned before, Rhiannon studies dance and theatre at the Miss Patricia Yvonne Academy, part of the EDTA school. Rhiannon often gets called upon to sing and this time, because she was struggling with the rhythm of her medley, I was asked a few

Lichtenstein is not what Frankenstein does with his tongue!

OK – stupid title for a travel post. But let’s face it, Lichtenstein is a tiny and boring place. At least it is on a Trafalgar Costsaver tour. Close your eyes so we can do a mental re-enactment with you as the protagonist. Hang on, can’t do that. You won’t be able to read my wonderfully evocative words with your eyes shut. So you are just going to have to

Loving Lake Lucerne (plus a great little shop in Picton)

Hi all, Today’s post is two stories. The first is set today, during a little drive to a New South Wales’ town called Picton where I found a marvellous little “collectables” shop. Then back to Switzerland in September. Armour Collectables in Picton Obviously the name of this shop got my attention straight away. Two things that I love: armour and collectables. Alas I saw no armour in it. This said,

Ascending Mount Stanserhorn

About two centuries before Christ was born people settled the Nidwalden valley. I’m guessing that they were Celts, the so-called Helvetians, based upon vague memories of some of my university studies done in the 1980s. One such place they settled became known as Stans, and I am guessing that from this settlement the mountain known as Stanserhorn got its name. Our tour guide got us out and into the coach