Using Lightroom on my digital art

Using Lightroom on my digital art

Hi all,

Just a quickie – a kind of brain dump.

The more I use Adobe Lightroom for my photos, the more I realise what it can do for my art.

The thing that I like about it are the sliders for things such as

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  1. Nice job!

    I have to say that I like the “before” version of Perhaps better, though. The highlights in the “after” version are much more green then the sky is, so it looks like there’s an additional light source now, maybe a streetlamp or a neon ad, and that takes away from the beauty of the golden hour. For me, at least )

    For Asype, on the other hand, it worked out really well! In the “before” version, it’s not very clear where the light is coming from, because it’s sort of white and bland – like electric light. In the “after” version, it’s become much warmer, and now looks like it’s a campfire or a lantern. And yes, stronger saturation in general makes it more fantasy-like )

    Thanks for sharing!

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