Renderosity, a Gazebo, and a Photoshop image of “PoliceJoe”

Renderosity, a Gazebo, and a Photoshop image of "PoliceJoe"

Today was one of those days where I felt busy but did not really accomplish much. So I’ve decided to inflect my day upon you, my precious readers. let’s see…


Mustakettu85 introduced me in a comment to Renderosity. On the slim chance that you don’t know what Renderosity is, it’s a web marketplace for 3D models and such. To use it you need to register. They have a Freestuff part, so naturally I downloaded some free stuff to get an idea of the quality available. One such thing was an oriental gazebo by an artist called Simone68.


I downloaded this and imported it into DAZ Studio for a render. This was the outcome:

gazebo1Visually it is quite a nice piece of 3D work, certainly beyond anything that I am currently capable of creating. I can easily imagine using it in illustrations. As an aside, the material naming was non-existent, meaning that I had to figure out a lot for myself when I examined it. It’s not something that I think a lot of people would look at, but the old programmer in me is keen on good naming conventions for anything that goes out the door of the developer’s studio. Anyway, I heartily recommend to any 3D scene creators that they download it and taking a look.

Managing my content in DAZ Studio

If you own DAZ Studio then you are probably aware that it has a content database that helps you to manage content. That’s all well and good, but the thing really annoys me at times. It is possible to have content that only shows up in directories and not in the Content panel. This actually describes a lot of the stuff I buy on the cheap. Mostly this is older content, like “The Mage”


I have never actually used this product, despite buying it a year or more ago. Why? Because I tend to use the more easily accessible products and don’t feel like looking through directories when I am in the middle of a creative zone. A shame really. So I want to get it to appear with my products. Alas this was an epic fail for me today.

If any of you can suggest a good way to manage old, non-smart content then please do so.


Well, despairing of managing my content I ended up playing with PoliceJoe. If you have not read any of my earlier posts, he’s a model I made with Adobe Fuse and have been trying to import into DAZ. Anyway, today I played with him in Adobe Photoshop, added some filters and ended up with this little black and white shot that I don’t mind too much.


Not brilliant, but at least it was output of some variety.

Thanks for reading another aimless post. 🙂





  1. Enjoy your stay at Rendo =) It’s by far my favorite content store. ShareCG may have more free stuff, but I like the search better at Rendo.

    I found two hopefully useful tutorials, one text and one video.

    Sorry I can’t say how exactly good these are, since I don’t use smart content at all, only the content library pane where I have a manual category system dating back from 2008.

    1. Thanks! 🙂 They look pretty cool and will prove very useful 🙂 Again thanks, my friend 🙂

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