Worldbuilding – my responses to Jasne

Worldbuilding - my responses to Jasne

I my last writing post, Jasne as me a whole heap of really good questions (a big thanks Jasne 🙂 ). I was going to respond to his comment and then realised that my response would make a really good (or at least average) post. So here we go. I will put Jasne’s comments in blue italics and my responses in Klingon plain text. Note that there will be some spoilers for my novels in here. Also, all my responses will probably be long winded, so flee while you can. 🙂

Hi Greg! Worldbuilding is my love, so I couldn

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  1. I can relate to the “epic millennia” thing 😉
    …weird how WP reader only seems to show like half of your posts. I have to visit your site on the web to see them all.

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