Personal update (keratoconus, work, performance, writing, art)

Personal update (keratoconus, work, performance, writing, art)

Hi folks,

Thought that I would give you all an update. I’ll divide it up into themes 🙂




  1. Interesting about Rhiannon’s daydreaming. It reminds me of my friend “H”, whose mother told me this story. She had gone to the school to see about, perhaps, why he wasn’t paying attention in class. She looked through the window at the class that was being taught with “H” in the back. “H” was staring out of the window, obviously daydreaming. Then Mom looked at the teacher. The teacher was lecturing in a very boring way on a subject that Mom knew full well that “H” could probably have taught the class better! Oh, and later in life “H” easily qualified for Mensa… Also you mentioned bullying. This is a subject close to my heart as I had 13+ years of school bullying. At age 7-8 I was definitely making deliberate mistakes in spelling tests just so I wouldn’t be bullied for being ‘top of the class’. I hope you will also be able to address this, not only in the sense of helping Rhiannon combat the bullies, but working with the teachers to address this on various levels. Notwithstanding that the bullies may be doing this as their only way of combatting being bullied themselves, either at school or another environment.
    I hope you continue to recover from the eye problems, and hope you’re soon busy at a new, rewarding job.

    1. Hi 🙂

      Thanks for responding. 🙂

      I can really relate to the story about “H”!

      The bullying is a sad story, even though we worked with the teachers to eventually succeed to stopping it. It started at the beginning of this year. Rhiannon started High School. Her High School has several “feeder” primary schools. So naturally she entered High School with a set of friends from her primary school. However these set of friends chose to bully (physically and emotionally) a boy. Rhiannon thought that this was wrong and stood up for the boy (against her friends). The focus of the bullying then moved onto her. I initially thought that it would sort itself out, but it escalated. Rhiannon really wanted to keep her friends – she even told them this – but she could not accept them bullying someone. Anyway it got nasty when the ringleader’s mother invited the entire group (minus Rhiannon) out to a birthday dinner and then proceeded to make lewd suggestions about Rhiannon and the boy to the other mothers there. Yes – the mother – who until then had been our friend – did that! The mother also used her Facebook page to capture pictures of Rhiannon with the boy at a Guinea Pig fair (close to both our houses) to suggest that something was going on between the tow of them. Anyway, I had enough. I knew that confronting the mother in the street would lead to trouble (i.e. she could get the cops involved), so as this bullying was mostly happening at the school I showed the evidence to the Deputy Principal and she sorted it out – eventually. One night Rhiannon actually said to me that she did not understand why doing the right thing could lead to a situation like this. I explained that the right thing is often difficult, but that we need to do it anyway. She is a bit scared about making new friends in case the situation repeats, but she is slowly doing so. I am proud of her for not giving into her peers, but still feel a bit sorry for her.

      Thanks 🙂

      1. Wow – so sorry to hear that R went through all that – but kudos to her for knowing** what was the right thing to do – even if the ‘friends’ didn’t. So sad that they seem to have learned this from a parent, this is often the case.

  2. Sorry about the medications thing you had to go through! But most of the rest doesn’t sound half bad =) Hope you will have even better news in the year 2017.

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