A bit of whinging and then even more plans. LOL

A bit of whinging and then even more plans. LOL

Hope this finds you all well.

So here I am again looking at WordPress and thinking about the way forward. No success so far in job hunting. Nicole may be starting at a Public Service job next week, but we keep having issues with her and the Police Check. This is where she signs a document to give them permission to check her criminal history. Twice we have sent in scanned copies and twice they had the documents for several days before telling us that they did not like the scan. When we sent it the second time we actually phoned them to check that it was OK. The girl on the phone told us to wait a moment and then said yes. Obviously she just put the phone down and waited a moment before replying


  1. Organization is always good. Couldn’t comment on the last post – was just catching up with you – congratulations to both you and Rhiannon on the art front. And as to Nicole and the service job, I have this TLA (three letter acronym) for people like the girl on the phone. FGEs: *ing Government Employees. Perhaps it will be a blessing not to have Nicole condemned to either the lunatic asylum or committed for murder if she works with such people.

    1. Thanks 🙂 Funnily enough Nicole and I have backgrounds in both the private and the public sector. Our experience has shown that incompetence seems to flourish in big organisations – be they private (like banks) or public (like government departments). I have a number of theories on why this might be the case, but it is probably not wise to express my ideas until I get a job and subsequently retire in a decade or so. LOL. Thanks 🙂

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