3D X-ray model – my project charter

3D X-ray model - my project charter

As mentioned previously, my first step is to set out a project charter for how I am going to approach creating this new model of an x-ray machine. So here it is:



My purpose is to create a 3D model of an x-ray machine that can be sold at an online market place. Ideally it will be rigged, but this is not essential.

Success Criteria

1. Shaped like reference pictures
2. Accurate textures
3. Appropriate groupings of components
4. Descriptive naming of components
5. No stray geometry
6. Successfully imports into other products (e.g. DAZ Studio and Unreal Engine and Unity)

Assumptions & Constraints

1. I can find appropriate reference photos
2. I can develop my skills in Blender sufficiently to model the object

Broad Schedule

Reference photos collected: 7 April 2017
Completion date: 30 June 2017
Thanks for reading
PS: I got an offer of an interview for a Project Officer job today. I wonder whether positing this using a project methodology is responsible for that.