Effective tutorials for Blender?

Effective tutorials for Blender?

One of my good friends, Earthbalm, asked me whether I could recommend any effective tutorials for learning Blender. This is my reply.

I’ve been trying to learn blender for years. I’ve watched hundreds and hundreds of tutorials. And yet here I am, still very much the noob, stumbling along as best as I can. Wait! Before you say something along the lines of “Come off it. Look at the x-ray machine that you’re doing or the Lighthouse


  1. Thanks Greg, most kind. I watched a series of introductions to Blender yesterday and they were informative but I like your idea of searching for ‘specific’ tutorials. This new internet thingy is quite good isn’t it?

    1. This new internet thingy is marvellous 🙂 Just as well it wasn’t around when I was a kid or I would locked in my bedroom day and night surfing the web instead of being locked in my bedroom day and night reading. 🙂 This said, let me know what you want to do and I am happy to help along the way in an advisory capacity (and also as moral support when Blender is a pain in the butt) Greg

      1. Thanks Greg. I’ll let you know what I want to do when I find out :).

  2. I have been watching BornCG on you tube – His tutorials are quite good.

    1. Thanks. I just had a look at BornCG. I actually recognised some of the tutorials as ones I’ve used in the past. He is certainly very clear and organised in his explanations 🙂

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