Film review: My Name is Nobody (1973)

Film review: My Name is Nobody (1973)

I try to watch a film every day. This is to help stir my story-telling instincts as I work on the never-ending novel. I’ve falling into a patch of westerns. The latest was a 1973 film called “My Name is Nobody”. I chose this film for several reasons:

  • I never realised that Henry Fonda and Terrence Hill had been in a film together and was curious
  • Terence Hill westerns mostly give me a chuckle
  • Sergio Leone had a hand in the writing and directing (although the main director was


  1. Can I say something? I believe one can only learn from an excellent and an ingenious work, as far as story telling is concerned. Therefore I would suggest binge watch “Star Trek Voyager,” you can do that on Netflix now. Also Michael Crichton’s novels.

    1. Thanks Funnily enough I am currently slowly working my way through Voyager. This was instigated when my interest in the Star Trek universe was reignited after I was invited to write a review of a ST:TNG episode for an anthology. I’ve read a lot of Crichton actually Thanks for commenting

  2. I should put this on my to-watch list at some point. It sounds like one I’d enjoy, though it might not find its way into my video collection.

    1. I agree with your assessment. Worth viewing but not owning

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