A quick catch up on the past few weeks #SeekingWork #EuroPCR

A quick catch up on the past few weeks #SeekingWork #EuroPCR

As some of you may be aware, I’ve been unemployed since January 2016: the result of an unexpected downsizing and an equally unexpected eye-operation for my Keratoconus. In respect to the Keratoconus, I saw my eye specialist a week ago and he reckons I’m as good as it will now get, and so I don’t need to see him for another year. Yippee! Albeit, I still have fifty stitches in my eye. Since recovering from the operation


  1. That sounds like a busy week. I hope your eye is better after the operation. Any sort of operation, even the tiniest ones, end up slowing you down so much.

    Job hunting is a pretty intensive process these days for sure, probably because of the Internet making it so easy to apply for jobs, thus increasing the volume of applicants.

    1. Very busy. 🙂 The eye is mostly OK, though it weeps from time to time which is rather frustrating. And I cannot stand bright light. You are certainly correct about the impact of the internet on job hunting. At the jobs which held the 3 tiers of tests, at least 400 turned up to the second test, so think how big the first online one must have been!

      1. Ohh yea those bright lights and eye operations don’t go together very well for sure.

        400 is a lot of people for a position. Best of luck in your job hunting, and with your eye as well!

  2. Keep keeping on my friend. You will be an invaluable asset for any potential employer. They should be fighting over who gets you on the payroll. Great news about the eye too.

    By the way, let the blog go into third place after family and jobs.

    1. Thanks 🙂 My entire job situation has my employment support team totally confounded. They thought that with 4 degrees and 33 years’ experience that I would be a shoe-in for any position. Just goes to show that no one is a shoe-in. I’ll just have to play it by ear. 🙂

  3. Human resources these days has fallen victim to consultants who think you can take subjective things like evaluating job candidates and convert them into predictive data based on test scores. I’ve always thought that it’s an approach that leads to the safest (and most mediocre) candidates getting the job.

  4. Good luck on your Job Hunting. I am 49 if my job went it would leave me, with a mortgage I couldn’t pay and little chance of employment with similar pay. I would probably have to go self employed. 4 degrees probably scares most employers that you will be way cleverer than them. Not much to offer you other than take comfort in the fact things will get better. The last time I was out of work i went to the gym a lot and used the time to get fit.

  5. I know it is tough to go through all these tests and trials getting a job nowadays. Somehow you have to just continue the fight or battle and something good will show up.

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