#Nutella Muffins – on overcoming mental blocks

#Nutella Muffins - on overcoming mental blocks

I love to cook and always have. However, one aspect of cooking that I have always avoided is cake baking. For some reason, it has always scared me.  The few times that I have made attempts, the results have been woeful. So I ended up developing a huge mental block where cakes were concerned.

At the moment, I am yet to start my new job. However, Nicole has spent much of this year working. Several weeks ago she asked whether I could bake her muffins to take to work. Eeeeek.

Rather timidly I bought a packet mix of chocolate muffins. I followed the mixing instructions minutely, stuck them in the oven and somehow managed to turn on the grill function instead of the oven function. The result was charcoal muffins. I felt incredibly stupid and did not want to make another attempt.

Nevertheless, I bought a Blueberry muffin mix which sat in my pantry for a couple of weeks. Eventually, I overcame my concerns and had a go at these. I was SO careful to use the oven function and not the grill. The result… perfection.

“Hmmmmm,” I thought. “I wonder how hard it is to bake from scratch instead of using a packet mix?”

So I looked up a recipe on Orange muffins, bought the required components, then mixed and baked them. To be absolutely honest, they were tasty aromatic but way too dense. I would mark them about a 6 out of 10. Nicole liked them but then asked that I try making Nutella muffins. So I found a recipe at Cantstayoutofthekitchen.com. I followed all the instructions but felt that my batter (is that the right word?) was too dense. So, before baking, I stirred in about a quarter of a cup of water. I then followed the baking instructions and wow – the results looked like proper store-bought muffins. They were tasty too.

I’m telling this story for a reason. In life, I have often found myself crashing into mental blocks that stop me from doing something. I think that this is a particular nemesis to creative people, as more pragmatic people seem to just go forward regardless. Anyway, the lesson in my muffin ordeal is that persistence will be rewarded – eventually. Blocks can be overcome. Never let fear of something stop you from trying, over and over if that is what it takes. I now need to apply this on a broader scale.

As an aside, Nutella… SUPERB!!! I cannot believe that I had not tasted it till we visited Europe in 2015.

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  1. Like you, I’ve never considered myself much of a baker and so far most of my attempts have been pretty woeful. My wife and daughters enjoy baking, so I haven’t persevered as much as I might. Perhaps I’ll have to give cakes and muffins another go.

    1. Yep, David – go for it. I have become quite fascinated by baking now and am already planning occasions where I can bake muffins or cakes. With your creativity, I would love to see what you bake. 🙂

    1. Thanks for this. It’s an insightful video. I can see a certain amount of the “fixed mindset” in myself in some things and not in others. 🙂

  2. MMM cakes – almost bouight a cake tin for the oven sunday got reminded im dieting. I think its divine intervention that your writing about cake, A sign I should make some too. After all it not fair on the rabbits all this lettuce I have been eating. Nutella – only in a small jar Im sure I can hide a jar where the Mrs wont find it

    1. Yep Neil, you should make some cake or muffins. I discovered that there is something immediately satisfying in doing so. And as for the muffins and your diet, make sure to eat one yourself and give the rest away, This way you get the satisfaction of creation without the impact of calories. 😀 Or else ignore my words and eat them yourself. LOL 🙂

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