My writing goals for this week

My writing goals for this week

On Monday I listed my writing goals as:

  • finish reviewing and editing my short story “Restored”
  • Identify possible buyers for my short story
  • Identify next most viable short story idea

I have now finished reviewing “Restored”. My wife, upon reading it, felt that I needed to give some clear indications of what transpired in the story. This is because my chief character changes bodies three times within the story without knowing it. I had provided several subtle clues to this, thinking that an audience would enjoy figuring out what had happened. So I initially felt that she was wrong and that doing so would undermine the story, in much the same way as having to explain a joke takes away its spontaneity and humor. However, I decided to add some scenes involving minor characters beyond the presence of the lead character that clearly explain each transition. I feel it works. These have been reviewed and refined and I am now happy with the piece. So that is writing goal one achieved.

I then went hunting a possible buyer. My major constraint was the nature of the story. It has horror elements, science fiction elements, and medical elements – meaning that it did not clearly fit into any specific genre. More than that, it was clearly character driven, with a soft approach to these other elements (although the medical science clearly made the story possible). After lots of searching, I have selected some suitable candidates.  Anyway, that is writing goal two achieved.

Finally, selecting my next idea for a short story (4,000 to 6,000 words). Well, I have many, but the story title that keeps leaping out at me is “Occupational Health and Zombies”. In my mind, I see a humorous piece about an office of civil servants who experience the zombie apocalypse, are transformed into zombies, but (for unexplained reasons) are no different other than being dead. Meanwhile, most other humans in the city have been transformed into the traditional zombie.  They also realize that as long as they avoid accidents (e.g.  being chopped up or decapitated by scared still-living humans) that they can potentially be eternal (rotting doesn’t seem to set in unless injured).  So, being typical bureaucrats, they appoint an occupational health and safety officer to look after their welfare. I’m not quite sure at this point as to how to finish the tale.

Thanks for reading.