My story “Eighteen Steps” is now published @TribeZine

My story "Eighteen Steps" is now published   @TribeZine

Hi all,

Just letting you all know that my short horror story “Eighteen Steps” is now published in Thief, a micro-publication by Tribe Media. An online version can be found at


  1. Thanks for the shout out in your post, Greg. Much appreciated. Also congratulations on the publication of your story. That’s very creepy!

    As for the dust cloud, the articles don’t tell me much about the composition of the dust cloud in M82 that’s producing the light echoes. It seems fairly transparent since we see the star clearly in the Hubble images but don’t see a nebular cloud. There is such a thing as “interstellar cirrus” which is basically cold, diffuse interstellar dust and I wonder if that’s what we’re seeing in M82. This “cold dust” seems to be composed of things like molecular hydrogen along with with some other basic elements such as oxygen and silicon. I’m guessing it would be mostly transparent to creatures like us, although perhaps you could imagine the sky appearing hazier than we see in our relatively dust-free section of the Milky Way. You might even imagine seeing subtle halos around the stars from the dust, probably reddish. There’s a pretty good write-up about Interstellar Dust from CalTech at:

    1. Thanks, David. I read the link. I keep wondering what their definitions of the various densities are to our sensibilities. All this said, it’s just fascinating, isn’t it? When I see things like this I wonder how much we don’t see of our own situation due to the vastness of the scale of those things around us. Once again, thanks, David. And also, to any of my readers, please go over and check out David’s website – it is well worth it.:)

      1. So to put the densities in some perspective, the densest nebula that really shines when illuminated by starlight has a density of about 10,000 molecules/cubic centimeter. Compare that to Earth’s atmosphere which is about 27,000,000,000,000,000,000 molecules/cubic centimeter at sea level.

  2. I think I can help with the dust cloud question. I have been caught in a few haboobs here in the desert. (wikipedia that for a good shot). From inside the house it looks like brown rain. Once I was driving and had to pull over, there was no visibility. You know what is a blackout – and a whiteout (snow) – well a haboob from the inside is a beigeout.

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